Nalivno pero Pilot MR

  • 3 - 14 Delovnih Dni
    Nalivno pero Pilot MR
  • Nalivno pero Pilot MR
  • Nalivno pero Pilot MR
  • Nalivno pero Pilot MR
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  • Proizvajalec/Blagovna znamka: Pilot
  • Šifra: 4902505445...
  • Dobavljivost: 3 - 14 Delovnih Dni
  • Kataloška: 4902505445...
  • Teža: 0.05kg

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PILOT MR: a ring between your fingers.
A style, a line and a pleasure to write with.

The sleek silhouette of the design of the new Pilot MR collection is inspired by the organic. The purity of its’ fluid lines are highlighted by a single visual signature: the Middle Ring, into its graphic motif..

The most important thing with a Pilot pen is in the writing experience. The Pilot MR is an instrument that reveals itself to be natural and pleasant in daily use. From the very first time you hold it, the pleasure of the writing takes you: a larger diameter for an easier grip, a metal body in satin finish, an ideal weight and balance designed to exert pressure perfectly on paper without tiring the hand. Refillable with a standard international (DIN) cartridge.

Stroke Width: Medium

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